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Therapy Tailored to You

This is an online therapy practice that allows you to connect for sessions at your convenience from anywhere. I hope this allows you greater freedom in your work, life, and everything you may be juggling. In comparison, a more traditional setting may require time off from work or school, time away from family or children, and potentially stressful drives to and from an office in traffic. I am more than happy to talk with you about how this works, though I assure you it is simple even for those like myself who are not naturally comfortable with new technology!


I have been specializing exclusively in trauma-focused therapies since 2012, working with military/combat traumas, sexual assault, physical assault, childhood sexual abuse, witnesses of tragedy and violence, and survivors of severe natural disasters. Trauma survivors come in every shape, size, age, sex, gender, ethnicity, orientation, skin-color, nationality, spirituality and with their own unique trauma history. Many survivors have tried a variety of coping strategies, some effective (hobbies, art, sports, talking with trusted others), and others less so (drinking, social isolation, overeating, under-eating, emotional numbing, anger, divorce, substance use, working excessively or avoiding work and people altogether). The treatments I would like the opportunity to offer you are skills-based and deemed the Gold Standard in our industry. What this really means is that these therapies have been tested over decades to ensure they are effective, provide meaningful change to your quality of life, and have a long-lasting positive impact.  It would be my honor to share with you what I have learned both from extensive training, as well as what I have been taught by clients who allowed me to be a part of their journey towards healing.

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"Be it known that the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists receives questions and complaints regarding the practice of psychology. For assistance please contact: Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists, 333 Guadalupe, Suite 2-450, Austin, Texas 78701, (512) 305-7700, or 800-821-3205."

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